Tom Ganley has repeatedly sold cars to his customers under false pretenses, sometimes even telling direct lies about a car’s history to close the deal.

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Cashing in on Tragedy

Just two days after Hurricane Katrina, Tom Ganley tried to cash in on the tragedy by advertising special deals on cars moved out of Louisiana. After complaints from the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General investigated the ads as unfair and deceptive and found that Ganley never even received a shipment of cars from Louisiana. The truth is that Ganley was exploiting the tragedy to sell cars and make more money.

[Cleveland Plain Dealer, 9/23/2005]

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“We frown on that big time…”

Tom Ganley sent his customers fake postcards that looked like official General Motors recall documents in order to trick them into coming back into his dealerships to purchase additional services or products. GM distanced themselves from the ploy, with a spokesman saying quote “we frown on that big time.”

[Cleveland Plain Dealer, 6/23/2005]

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F: Failing Grades

Tom Ganley’s Ford dealership in Cleveland received a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau for dishonest sales practices and failure to honor warranty terms. And his Bedford Imports dealership received an ‘F’ grade as well for false claims in advertising.

[Better Business Bureau, Ganley Filings, 6/8/10]